What Can You do if You’re Waking Up With Back Pain?

After a long stressful day, we want to get home, kick off our shoes, and get in bed to have a good night’s rest. Every morning we want to wake up feeling refreshed and rested so we can be ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

Unfortunately, we don’t always take care of our bodies the way we should, which can lead to waking up with more aches and pains than before going to bed. One of the things you might be dealing with is back pain when you wake up every morning.

Causes of Back Pain in the Morning

Why does my back hurt when I wake up? Let’s consider some of the common causes of persistent back pain.

Incorrect Sleeping Positions

Whether you stay in one position all night or wake up on the other side of the bed, we all have different sleeping habits. But if I notice that my lower back hurts when I wake up, it can be caused by poor sleeping positions that place pressure on the spine. 

Any position that causes the natural curve of your spine to flatten will most likely lead to back pain every time you wake up.

Bad Mattress

Your mattress might not be the direct cause of your back pain, but a bad mattress can reinforce poor sleeping positions, strain your muscles, and contribute to the misalignment of your spine. Any of these factors can contribute to lower back pain.

Keep in mind that a bad mattress doesn’t necessarily refer to an old mattress. While any mattress over five years may need replacing, a newer mattress might not be the right fit for your body type or sleeping position.

Certain Medical Conditions

Your back pain can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as:

Treatments For Morning Back Pain

Keep these tips in mind to help improve back pain when you wake up.

Try a Better Sleeping Position

According to the Sleep Foundation, “the best sleep position is one that promotes healthy spinal alignment from your hips to your head.” Because we are all different, the best sleeping position will depend on your health and what’s comfortable for you. 

For many people with back pain, sleeping on their side with a pillow between their legs has proven very effective.

Get The Right Mattress

If you’ve had your mattress for a long time, then it’s probably time to get a new one. Many mattress companies will allow a trial period to see which will fit you best.

If your mattress is newer but isn’t working for you anymore, you can try adding a topper. For those too firm mattresses, you can add a soft topper to make it more comfortable, and those that are too soft can benefit from a foam mattress topper to add firmness.

Morning Stretches

Before you get out of bed, you can get into the habit of stretching to help relieve back pain. You can:

  • Bring your knees (separate and together) into your chest and hold them in place.
  • Extending your arms above your head as far as you can and your legs in the opposite direction.

Chiropractic Treatments For Back Pain

After you’ve attempted making these changes, are you still asking yourself: why do I continue to have back pain every time I wake up? The licensed chiropractors at Spine Health and Wellness will be glad to examine you to determine the cause of your back pain.

Contact us today to request an appointment and one of our North Texas office locations.

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