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Why do I get Headaches?

Headaches can have a variety of triggers. Headaches can come from injury, nutrition, de-hydration, dietary or environmental allergies, structural issues with the neck or spine. These are only a few scenarios that can trigger headaches and understanding your environmental factors can be the key to treatment. Genetic conditions may play a key role in advanced headaches or migraines but regular headaches (one or more a week) that interfere with your daily activities should be addressed with a clinical professional. 

How do we Examine Headache Related Conditions?

Clinical examination of your structural and functional limitations is important. Testing may include X-Ray, MRI, Myovision, and expand into examining where you have movement restriction and muscular atrophy. Another level of testing can be allergy testing, and dietary examination and blood analysis. Although medications can control the pain form a headache, discovering the cause and triggers may help you avoid a life of pain.

If headaches occur after a major trauma such as a sports impact, auto accident, or head trauma, a full analysis is imperative as soon as possible. 

How do we Treat Headaches?

Headache treatment can include soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, decompression, personalized home care instructions and exercise rehabilitation therapy. 

Adjustments to your diet to avoid allergy triggers may be needed as well as journaling your daily activities. The health of your gut can greatly effect your mental clarity and impact headaches. Understanding the body through expansive analysis can teach you what you need to heal and avoid unwanted headaches in the fututre. 

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