Neck Pain

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Neck Pain

Why do You Have Neck Pain?

Symptoms of neck injury are sometimes sneaky and other times very apparent. The nerves protected by the spinal column control our bodily functions. Therefore there may be issues of incontinence, memory loss, a “crunchy” neck sound, ringing in ears and many other symptoms can be linked to neck injury. 

Pain can come from trauma, such as an auto injury,  or prolonged postural imperfections. An example of a posture imperfection would be “tech neck”.

How do we Examine Neck Pain Issues?

A variety of tests can be performed to evaluate your neck pain. Testing may include, state-of-the-art X-ray such as Myovision. It may also include reviewing your functional impairments or movement restrictions, palpation of the injured site to check for swelling or soft tissue injury. 

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment depends on your cause of injury but may include spinal decompression, home care exercises, spinal manipulation, heat/cold therapy, manual therapy, ART or soft tissue treatment, supportive bracing, and/or kenisio taping. Treatments for neck pain can be covered by your insurance in some cases. 

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