Disc Issues

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Disc Issues

How do I know if I have a Spinal Disc Issue?

The symptoms of a spinal disc injury can include numbness, tingling, radiating pain down the arms and legs but also effect major organ systems. The nerves that run through our spinal cord are the messengers to the rest of our bodies. You may suffer incontinence, pelvic pain, stomach issues, migraines or headaches. Injuries may occur in trauma, such as an auto accident or personal injury, or a slow progression over time such as “tech-neck”. The important thing to understand about spinal injury is that without intervention, it will only get worse.

What kinds of test do you run to see if I suffer from a Disc Issue?

Testing may include a variety of clinical examinations. This can be review of X-Ray imaging, MRI or Myovision testing. A range-of-motion test allows to see restrictions and impingement’s. 

What is the Treatment for a spinal disc issue?

A clinical professional will review every case to determine the best treatment options. In many cases a conservative care approach through exercise rehabilitation, decompression, manual therapy and spinal manipulation  is effective treatment for pain and to restore function. In chronic cases, a referral to a Spinal specialist or pain specialist may be needed.

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