Back Pain

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Back Pain

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people have back pain at least once and the pain may include upper, mid and lower back pains depending on the source. 

Clinical testing can aid in finding the source to the pain. The trigger may be a ligament, or structural issue while at times it may be an internal illness such as a urinary tract infection of other illness. Its important to see a physician when your routine functions have been impacted. A chiropractor or sports therapy specialist can help back pain and in most cases, treatment is covered by your insurance. 

How do We Treat Back Pain?

Depending on your condition it may require home care instruction on top of an in office care plan. Our back pain relief center offers clinically indicated treatment of spinal manipulation, exercise rehabilitation therapy, soft tissue therapy that can speed recovery and prevent future injury.

What are the Treatment Options?

Care plans are designed to alleviate pain, correct injury, and prevent injury reoccurrence. The plan can include therapies such as spinal decompression, spinal manipulation, manual therapy, ART or soft tissue therapy, cold/heat therapy, exercise rehabilitation,  Kenisio taping, bracing and/or home care plans.

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