How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Vehicle Accident?

Whether you’ve simply been involved in a fender bender or a severe accident, you’re likely to experience some trauma due to the incident. Although you initially may look or feel fine, the after-effects of the collision can be life-changing. 

What you originally thought was a minor ache can linger for months, even years to come. Physical damage is one thing, but the emotional damage caused by the vehicle accident may never dissipate. You may feel nervous about driving, and may even be unable to drive past the scene of the original collision.

If you’ve recently been in a vehicle accident, you may be wondering how long it will be until you start feeling like yourself again. During your recovery, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different. 

It can be difficult to determine how your body will react to the trauma it’s been through. However, here are a few factors that can affect the recovery process from your vehicle accident. 

What Injuries Have You Sustained?

Right after your auto collision, you should immediately check yourself for any injuries. While some injuries like broken bones or burns are visible right away, other injuries may take longer to surface. 

Common invisible injuries that result from vehicle accidents are soft tissue injuries. These injuries happen when muscles, ligaments, or tendons are damaged in the body. 

One of the most common soft tissue injuries is whiplash. For some patients, whiplash may take weeks to heal, while others may take months. Even after it’s healed, patients may still feel soreness or stiffness in the area of the injury.

Head and brain injuries often go unnoticed as well. Although your skull serves as a safe home for your brain, your brain may get knocked around during a car accident due to a sudden impact. When this happens, the result is often a concussion

Once your brain has suffered from a concussion, it’s left in a more delicate state. It can be more susceptible to these types of injuries in the future. 

Not only this, but patients suffering from head injuries often report feeling emotional turmoil. They may deal with depression and anxiety after their auto collision.  

These types of injuries are not to be taken lightly. If left untreated, they could lead to serious complications, and ultimately death. 

After you’ve recovered from your physical injuries, your emotional injuries may still linger. You may feel anger, guilt, or anxiety long after the accident. It may be difficult to drive long distances or you might feel skittish in the car.

It’s important to work through these emotions as they happen to start feeling confident in the driver’s seat once again.

Auto Injury Treatment at Spine Health & Wellness

If you’re physically feeling the effects of a vehicle accident, perhaps Spine Health & Wellness can provide you with the support you so desperately need. Whether you’re dealing with whiplash, headaches, or neck and back injuries, we’re here for you. 

We can work together with you to develop a treatment plan that can help restore your mobility. 

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