Can a Chiropractor Help With Carpal Tunnel?

Although we all deal with aches and pains from time to time, when the pain starts to interrupt your daily life, it’s time to seek help. If you’ve been feeling pain and discomfort in your wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome may be the culprit. 

When patients think of treatment for their carpal tunnel, a visit to the chiropractor may be the last thing on their mind. Let’s take a closer look at carpal tunnel syndrome and how your local Irving chiropractor can help.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

While many people may initially be unfamiliar with carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s quite common. Studies show that 3 to 6 percent of adults in the United States are affected. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tissues in the wrist or hand compress the median nerve. As the median nerve passes through your wrist, any pressure or irritation of the nerve can result in the carpal tunnel. 

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may include: 

  • Pain in hand or wrist 
  • Tingling that radiates up your arm
  • Numbness in hands and fingers
  • Loss of strength in your hand and fingers
  • Difficulty holding things

Risk Factors for Carpal Tunnel

The following factors can put you at a higher risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Repetitive Workplace Motions. Patients who perform repetitive motions at work or repeatedly flex their wrists often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Many people who work at a desk job or perform data entry are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. 
  • Wrist Injuries. If you’ve broken your wrist in the past, the break likely affected smaller wrist bones. These injuries can put pressure on the median nerve, resulting in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.  
  • Nerve Injuries. If you suffer from illnesses that affect your nerves, such as diabetes, these can put you at a higher risk for median nerve damage.  

How Chiropractors Treat Carpal Tunnel

Before creating a treatment plan, your chiropractor will examine your wrist, arm, and hand to ensure that carpal tunnel is the cause of your pain. You will undergo imaging tests such as X-rays to look at your bones and tissue. Your chiropractor may also perform a thorough examination of your wrist and arm movement. 

Although medicines may help with the pain felt by patients suffering from carpal tunnel, chiropractors can help address your pain’s underlying cause. Chiropractors help relieve your pain by focusing on your neck and spine. 

Through an examination, they can determine if your cervical spine causes your carpal tunnel. If a misalignment in your spine caused your carpal tunnel, your chiropractor could adjust your elbow and spine to relieve pressure on your median nerve.

Visit Spine Health & Wellness for Carpal Tunnel Treatment

If you’ve been experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms, perhaps a trip to the chiropractor is just what you need. Spine Health & Wellness has an expert team of doctors and chiropractors to treat your pain at the source. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form

We look forward to helping you embark on your wellness journey.

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