Long Term Effects of Bad Posture: What are They? How to Prevent Them?

Probably every person has heard, at some point in their lives, the words “stand up straight”! Those who never listened probably developed bad posture. 

Bad posture can lead to long term effects that:

  • Cause pain
  • Affect the spine
  • Impair the body’s internal processes

Before allowing the effects to get worse, various things can prevent the effects of bad posture.

Long Term Effects

There are valid reasons for listening to our parents when they told us not to slouch. Bad posture adds stress and strain to bones, joints, and ligaments.


The stress and strain cause tension in the muscles, which causes pain in:

The proper position of the neck is when the ears align with the shoulders. Bad posture will make you have a Forward Neck, causing pain due to extended periods of misalignment. You will also see the chest tighten muscles, causing your shoulders to become rounded and feel pain.

The pain in the back can affect the upper and lower parts of your back. Like a hunched back, poor posture over time will cause the discs to thin out and lose the cushioning between the vertebrae.

The longer that bad posture is left uncorrected, the more likely you will experience an increase in headaches and fatigue.

On The Spine

Bad posture over time will lead to a misaligned spine, known as vertical subluxation. When the natural curves in your spine change, it will lead to:

Impaired Internal Processes

When you have bad posture, the body’s internal processes are also affected. 

Hunching over will put pressure on the abdomen area and the chest, which will lead to poor digestion. The body will no longer process the foods you eat in the right manner, which will slow down your metabolism. It will also lead to heartburn when the acid in the stomach goes up into the esophagus.

Bad posture can also affect your breathing by limiting the amount of air you take in. Less air means less oxygen will reach vital organs like the brain and the heart. The optimal levels of oxygen are inhaled when the body is extended and in proper alignment.

Oxygen isn’t the only thing that the body has to circulate through the body. Bad posture will also limit blood circulation throughout the body, which can lead to conditions like Varicose Veins.

How to Prevent The Effects of Bad Posture

The best way to prevent the effects of bad posture is to correct your posture, which will require effort on your part. Be aware of how you sit when working in front of a desk and, when standing, position your feet shoulder-width apart to distribute your weight evenly.

You can also perform different exercises like:

  • Chin tuck. This will help with the forward neck that causes neck and shoulder pain.
  • Pull-ups. Strengthening your upper back will help you maintain the correct posture.

If you have to be sitting for an extended time, you can also make sure to take time to stretch areas like the chest, shoulders, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

Already Suffering The Effects of Bad Posture?

At our multiple North Texas locations, Spine Health and Wellness have you covered with helping correct bad posture effects. Contact us today and let our experienced team get you feeling better!

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