How Long Does it Take to Correct Bad Posture?

Back and neck pain, tightened muscles, and constant headaches can all be signals of poor posture. Poor posture affects your entire body and can leave you feeling distressed. Thankfully, once you become aware of your poor posture, there is a lot you can do to correct it.

If you are desperate to alleviate painful symptoms and get back to feeling like yourself, then you might be wondering how long it takes to correct poor posture or when you will start feeling relief. With effort and help from professionals, rest assured that you can start feeling better in no time.

What is Bad Posture?

The National Spine Health Foundation defines correct posture as “ a position in which minimal stress is applied to the body’s muscles, tissues, joints, and ligaments, providing the most energy-efficient movement.”

This state of poor posture can be found when someone is sitting, standing, walking, or even laying down. In the beginning, it might feel awkward or even uncomfortable when correcting bad posture.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Bad Posture?

As with any habit, it takes time to get accustomed to good posture and come naturally. In the beginning, you might need to check in on your posture constantly. However, as time goes on, your body will adapt, and maintaining the correct posture will start to feel familiar as our bodies are incredibly resilient. 

While there isn’t a set timeline on how long it takes to correct bad posture, many experience improvements within weeks. If it takes a few months to correct your posture, don’t get discouraged; everybody is different.

Whether it takes you months or merely a few weeks, our team at Spine Health & Wellness will be here every step of the way to offer you support.

How to Correct Bad Posture

Several steps can be implemented when working on correcting bad posture. First, you need to understand correct posture in different positions. Note how you should be aligning your body when sleeping, sitting, walking, and standing. For more info, please schedule an appointment at one of our clinics. 

Incorporating daily stretches and exercises into your daily routine is essential. Exercises will include strengthening isolated body parts such as your shoulder and upper or lower back. 

Uncovering the root of the problem is the only way to effectively correct your bad posture. Since our muscles, bones, and ligaments are all connected, your whole body might suffer the consequences if one piece is off. 

You may require additional treatment from a licensed chiropractor to overcome your bad posture. If this is the case, a treatment plan will be custom-curated for your specific needs and situation.

Spine Health & Wellness in North Texas

Keep in mind, correcting bad posture once doesn’t mean you will always have excellent posture. Instead, it’s something you need to consciously and continually work on. Our Spine Health & Wellness team is here to help you stay on track and achieve your posture goals.

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